What To Wear To A Summer Wedding: Things to Consider When Buying The Perfect Outfit

what to wear to a summer wedding

What to wear to a summer wedding? It sounds like the easiest question in the world, but in reality, it can be quite tricky to pick the right outfit for a wedding season. For one thing, you’ll be attending an outdoor (hot) event where you’ll be mixing and mingling with a bunch of people. The second thing is that it’s a warm time of the year, so the dress code will incorporate light-coloured and bright clothing. If you want to ace this type of situation and look stylish without looking overdressed or underdressed, here are some things you need to keep in mind before heading out shopping for your perfect outfit for the warmer months:

Are you attending an outdoor wedding?

married couple standing on a beach

The first important factor to think about is whether you are attending a daytime wedding where it might be warm and humid outdoors or whether you are attending a wedding in cooler weather. If you are attending warm weather weddings, you will automatically be more comfortable in breathable fabrics as the heat may have a stronger effect than you think. Also, in this situation, it is smart to stray away from darker-coloured clothes such as black, as this colour absorbs heat. However, lighter pastel colours or bright colours will reflect the heat, making sure your body stays cool in temperature. 

What colour is the outfit you’re looking to wear?

guest at wedding reception

As said previously, it is much better to stick with the lighter and brighter colours with lightweight fabric for your summer wedding guest attire. The best colours for a summer wedding would be light colours such as pink, baby blue, yellow, pastel purple etc. Any colour that represents summer in some shape or form. If you are attending a casual beach wedding, then wearing lighter colours will add to the beachy vibe. You should also consider the colours that would be suitable for a formal event such as a wedding, fortunately, for a summer wedding people create the perfect balance of sophistication and casual attire.

Summer Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas 

Floral Prints 

Anything floral is perfect for a wedding that is happening in the summer. The best thing about a floral print is that you can find it on any piece of clothing. Whether that be a long maxi floral dress or an elegant blouse, you will find this pattern on almost anything! This print is always fun to create outfits with as you can match it with basic blouses or trousers. You could even go for a floral print blazer outfit that will look sophisticated but still adhere to the summer theme. 

Leg Baring Mini And Midi Dresses

woman wearing midi dress

Leg-baring mini and midi dresses are an iconic outfit choice, especially if it’s a casual dress code. The best thing about these is that the fabric of these kinds of dresses will typically be very breathable and lightweight. You could opt for two different shapes depending on whether a formal dress code is put in place. The formal option would be a long A-line dress that still looks sophisticated but is breathable in the summer season. To change things up, you could even go for an off-shoulder dress that looks elegant or a sleeveless midi/ ruched midi. 

Strappy Sandals/Strappy Heels 

white sandals on a woman

The kind of shoes that you wear to a wedding can improve your outfit in a second! Strappy heels and sandals can be a showstopper and they help keep your feet cool in the warm weather, whilst still keeping it classy. White open-toe heels are also a suitable addition to your summer wedding attire as they match any outfit that you pick! You could even choose flat sandals which will be very comfy if there will be a lot of standing involved.

Suit With Blended Fabrics 

woman wearing a blue suit

A suit is certainly a formal outfit option, however, it can be difficult finding the right one that will be suitable for warm weather. To solve this problem, some suits exist with blended fabrics for a more lightweight feel. A wool-linen suit is ideal for this type of weather as it holds the same strength as wool but it is blended with linen to give a lighter feel. Therefore, you will still look sophisticated whilst being comfortable with what you’re wearing. 

Wrapping up

Summer weddings are casual affairs, and the outfit you wear should follow suit. Choose a light-coloured dress so that you don’t end up looking like a hot mess, choose a dress that makes you feel like the most confident version of yourself and choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in. If you’re attending a summer wedding, you can wear almost any type of clothing – just make sure that you wear something light in colour and feel! 

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