The 10 Most Expensive & Rare Cars in The World

Bugatti 2019

The automobile market has been divided into affordable and expensive, rare and common since the early days of their production. In the early 1900’s when Ford first introduced the assembly line for the T model, revolutionising how the public were able to buy and use vehicles, there were automakers like Rolls-Royce and Chrysler that were […]

The Best Vintage Cars: 10 Must-See Vintage Cars

Ferrari 250 GTO Grey

There’s nothing quite like seeing the shine of a classic vintage car up close, the smell of the original leather and the shifting of the stick are enough to fill any car enthusiast with glee. To choose just 10 must-see cars is a hard task and each vintage car lover will have their own opinion […]

Vintage Wedding Cars Vs Modern Wedding Cars: Which One Is Better?

cars in garage

Are you looking to book a car for your wedding day transportation, with so many options to choose from it’s becoming increasingly difficult to decide between, vintage, modern, limousine etc. So what is the difference between hiring a vintage wedding car to a modern sports car? This article will explore the pro’s and con’s of […]

Planning a wedding in Newport

guests with phantom and ghost

Are you looking to tie the knot in Newport this new year? Planning your wedding, keeping the venues organised and keeping your family happy and safe amid a pandemic poses a real challenge for every couple during these uncertain times. Even if it involves high stress, emotional process, and unforeseeable circumstances, especially that you now […]

A Complete Guide to Wedding Cars, Choices & Prices during Covid-19.

husband and bride professional photograph with car

Have you found your dream wedding car yet? If you’re preparing for your big day and you’ve been looking for the best car options in Wales, you landed in the right hands. Choosing the best vehicle for your wedding can be quite stressful if you’re the indecisive type, but we’re here to guide you in […]

Wedding Hire Car Cost – 2020 UK

three different wedding cars

Are you looking to hire a luxurious car for your BIG DAY but worried about the cost? Sadly, arriving in style often comes at a price, BUT we have found some flexible and affordable ways for you to get the car of your dreams on a budget! In this article, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on wedding car […]