Wedding Guest Dresses 2022: What To Wear This Wedding Season

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With the fall and winter wedding season fast approaching, we’re here to help you find the perfect dresses for weddings. From hairstyles to pocket squares and finding the perfect dress – we’ve got you covered this season.

Wedding Guest Outfits For Women

This season, we are all about the effortless chic look – think low cut to stilettos, with a pop of colour. Be the lady of the hour and opt for pastels for summer weddings or be bold with colours and patterns for an autumnal wedding.

Start with the dress… it may sound simple, but find the dress you want first. Don’t try to make a dress match shoes or accessories you already have. Don’t limit your options, find the perfect dress first and then go in with accessories.

How to select the perfect wedding guest dress 

Here’s a straightforward and foolproof guide to finding the perfect wedding guest dress for 2021: 

  • Decide on a colour 
  • Choose a style 
  • Don’t go overboard with accessories
  • Stick to a budget 

Plus Size Wedding Guest Dresses

It’s almost time for spring weddings, but instead of sticking with your usual colours, go with jewel tones that compliment your skin tone. One of our favourite looks for this season is to go for a classic and neutral brown, navy, emerald or gold for this wedding season. 

Deep and rich colours accentuate your best features and are flattering on all body types. Whether you go for a simple and fitted style or an understated wrap dress, accessorising with statement jewelry or heels is a great way to bring your outfit together without overdoing it. 

Mini Dresses

If you are looking for Summer wedding guest dresses, then a mini dress is more than suitable. The perfect Summer wedding guest dress should be flowy and breathable. 

Stunning wedding day dresses such as floaty dresses will be a perfect style and material for the warm weather. A white lace dress is also a good choice if you are planning on wearing a veil. If you are not going to wear a veil, then a sheer dress would be ideal.

A-line wedding guest dresses are another option for the warmer months. They can be worn with sandals or wedges, and they are very comfortable.

To stick with the Summer theme, you can choose any floral wedding guest dress as this will be sure to turn heads!

Winter is coming.. So you’re going to need an extra layer of warmth. You want to be warm without distracting from your outfit. Shawls and wraps are a great way to keep some warmth without taking the attention away from your ensemble. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd of shawls and wraps why not add a blazer for a layer of warmth. A Blazer adds a stylish touch to your outfit and keeps a sophisticated look. 

Wedding Guest Outfits For Men

Don’t forget to accessorize, the accessories go a long way when it comes to making your look memorable! A simple statement watch, square glasses, and a sport coat is all you need for a chic yet understated look.

A winter wedding calls for a suit, no matter how casual the destination. But don’t shy away from mixing it up with a statement tie, sunglasses or a detailed suit. It’ll look polished, but in a classic way. A tailored watch and a pocket square finishes your look.

Wedding Guest Hairstyles

Now you’ve got your outfit sorted, it’s time to think about the hair. If you’ve gone for an off-the-shoulder dress, having your hair in a delicate low bun is a great way to show off all the little details of the dress. Whereas if you’ve gone for a strappy or more fitted number having your hair flowing down with subtle details such as a braid crown is one of our favourite ways to bring an outfit together. 

Here’s a list of some of our favourite wedding hairstyles: 

  • Sleek ponytail 
  • Twisted bun 
  • Cascading ponytail 
  • Simple pulled back hairstyle with a fascinator 
  • Up-do with curtain bangs
  • Mermaid waves
  • Natural curls 
  • Hollywood waves 
  • Braid crown 
  • Fishtail braided bun 
  • Up-do with loose curls

Wedding Shoes For Women

It’s 2022, so when it comes to shoes we’re going to comfort and style. Shoes that cut your feet raw are not making the cut.

Our favourite looks this season are minimalist and strappy heels that compliment an outfit without taking all the glory away from the dress. With the use of suitable and comfortable shoes, you can ensure your outfit looks flawless on the big day.

If you’re looking for stable footwear, opt for a blocked heel or platform heel for some extra support throughout the day. However, if you’re looking for a small heel, we recommend a strappy shoe that will add subtle character to your ensemble without adding extra height. 

What to Wear Under a Wedding Dress

Having a backless dress is a very common option for brides and wedding guests but it comes with a certain set of limitations. If you have a backless dress, make sure to find suitable undergarments that could match the shape and design of your dress. There are plenty of options from shapewear to bras with removable and adjustable straps that can match the straps of your chosen dress.

If you are buying your stunning wedding guest dress from a boutique or having a dress handmade, we recommend asking your seamstress or boutique owner which undergarments or shapewear they recommend for your specific dress.

How to Fold A Pocket Square

Pocket squares are a great addition to a man’s wedding outfit. Whether you’re the best man, a guest or the groom himself, a pocket square adds a hint of flair and sophistication to your outfit as well as making you stand out from the crowd of suits that will be in attendance on the big day. 

Our top tip: Don’t leave folding a pocket square to the last minute, learn how to style and fold your pocket square before the big day to avoid any stress. 

How to fold a pocket square in 8 simple steps:

  1. Lay your pocket square out on a flat surface 
  2. Turn it over so the front is facing down and place it diagonally so it has a diamond shape 
  3. Fold it into a triangle 
  4. Fold the left side towards the centre 
  5. Fold the right side toward the centre 
  6. Flip the folded pocket over so the front is facing up again 
  7. Fold in the remaining fabric that’s sticking out 
  8. Tuck in the bottom half so it can fit neatly into your suit pocket 

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