How much does a classic car cost for a wedding?

Aston Martin DB6 Volante

Whether you’re looking for a vintage Rolls Royce for your wedding or a classic Mini Cooper, a Classic car is the perfect wedding rental car for you! 

Whether you need a car with air conditioning to beat the heat at your outdoor wedding or one with an extra row of seats to accommodate all your guests, we have it all. Most classic cars have undergone mini upgrades so you ride comfortably without having to worry about a thing. 

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A classic car is the perfect way to be officially whisked away as husband and wife. However, before you decide on the type of classic car you want there’s a few things to consider. How much does it cost to rent a classic car? What’s included in the rental price? How do you get the best value for your money? That’s where we come in, here’s your guide to the cost of renting a classic car for your wedding.

What is a Classic Car?

Jaguar E-Type

A classic car is a vehicle that has been around for at least twenty-five years, although some definitions vary. The common theme among classic cars is that they are typically an older car of historical interest, so are highly sought after. Classic cars tend to be a subset of the broader category of collectible cars, their importance, whether that be due to technological innovation, beauty or historical significance makes them extremely desirable and collector worthy. 

Cost of Renting A Classic Car

Classic cars are a great idea for your wedding. However, before you decide on the type of classic car you want there’s a few things to consider. How much does it cost to rent a classic car? What’s included in the rental price? How do you get the best value for your money?

A classic car tends to be more expensive than most other traditional cars available at a rental company so it’s important to know what you’re getting into when you rent one.

 How much does it cost to rent a classic car for your wedding day? 

A classic car rental can cost between £200-£1000 for a day’s rental depending on the company and car model you opt for. 

If you want to keep the car overnight to enjoy the experience of cruising in a classic car, you can expect to pay an additional £150 a day for your vehicle. 

Different models will differ in price, for example, if you’re looking to rent a Jaguar E-Type or an Aston Martin DB7 you’re likely to pay around £400 for a day’s rental and up to £1000 on a weekend. However, if you love cars like the classic Alfa Romeo Spider or the original Mini Cooper, you can usually rent these models for around £200-£250 a day or up to £500 for a weekend. 

When deciding what size vehicle will work best for your wedding day transportation, consider if the amount that you’re willing to spend really is worth it or if the budget might be better spent on different options. There are great classic cars available that won’t break your budget, so be sure to evaluate all your options and get quotes from a variety of reputable companies to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your celebrations. 

What’s Included in the Price?

A classic car can be rented for a range of different prices. The price will vary depending on the type of car, where you’re renting it from, and what’s included in the rental price.

Another thing that affects how much it costs to rent a classic car is what’s included in the rental price. Some companies offer all-inclusive pricing, while others charge extra fees after your initial payment at pickup time. For example, some companies don’t include tax and security deposits in the initial rental price while others may also ask for a full tank of petrol on return. 

Mercedes Gullwing sideways doors

Expenses to expect when renting a classic car: 

  • Booking deposit – This is normally a small sum of around £50 and is used to reserve the car of your choice 
  • Security deposit –  Some companies will also require a security deposit. This tends to be a standard expense across most rental companies as it encourages hirers to have a financial responsibility and insurance over the classic vehicle. 
  • Fuel – In some cases, companies may ask you to return the vehicle with a full tank of petrol, particularly if you are renting the car for an extended period of time. 
  • Mileage – It’s common that rental companies include ‘miles per day’ within the rental price. For example, an Aston Martin DB7 may cost £300 for the day including up to 150 miles of travel. 
  • Chauffeur – In some cases, a chauffeur may be included in the rental price. This may be ideal for some people who love the idea of being driven around for the day, for others not so much. Be sure to clarify with your rental company whether a chauffeur is included in the rental price. 

There are a range of factors to consider when it comes to booking and choosing a classic car for your wedding day. However, classic cars are generally accessible and can be worked into your budget for your big day. The journey from ceremony to reception can seem like just a small part of your big day, but that’s where you’ll share your first moments as husband and wife after the ceremony. Make those small moments something that will be cherished forever. 

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