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Rolls Royce Ghost is a sister to the Phantom – Rolls Royce Motor Cars flagship model and it’s Rolls Royce’ best-seller.

It oozes class with great aesthetics and automotive artistry. Boasts perfection it is ideal in expressing sophistication and composure on your wedding day or any other special occasions.

It is host to the most premium quality features, promising  you bliss, comfort and joy on your incredibly special day. This ultra-luxurious car is exclusive to Cheringham Cars, and it’s like no other!

Why Rolls-Royce Ghost?


The iconic Rolls Royce Ghost exudes perfection, and contains an aesthetic mastery of lines, divine proportions and traditional design synonymous with this car manufacturing institution. It carries the signature of the universe and the beauty of science, making it one of the best options for your wedding day. 


Indulge with ingenuity and discover new possibilities with Rolls Royce Ghost’s advance technology. It offers luxurious add-on features and rich experience, perfect for a grand ingress in your most special day.

Perfect for your Wedding Day

Here are some of RR Ghost’s bespoke features that will change the way you think about wedding cars.


Rolls Royce Ghost is one of the most luxurious wedding cars in our fleet. This is ultra design and experience, an epitome of sophistication and it’s not a best-seller for nothing.


Our services are guaranteed premium and recognised by several organisations for being one of the best in South Wales. So you’re in good hands.


Our friendly and professionally-trained chauffeurs are always ready to take you to your destination, wherever it may be, as long as it leads you to happiness and eternity.

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Style and Comfort

Here are some of RR Ghost’s bespoke features that will change the way you think about wedding cars.

Rear TVs

The rear seats face mini displays which are controlled by a knob in the rear centre console. You can use the screen to control the radio, see the mapped surrounding, or to play a surprise video message for your future husband/wife through the DVD player.

DVD Player for entertainment

The DVD player and USB port integrated into the centre floor console provide different entertainment features that you can enjoy, wherever your destination is.

Audio System

Rolls Royce also comes with a bespoke audio system with solid acoustics. A sound upgrade, perfect for your precious and romantic day.

Rear electric/heated/massage seats

The cosy seats also come with heat warmers and can give back massages, leaving you comfortable and at ease.

Food Tray/ Laptop Holder

Below the rear TV’s are the foldable food tray that can also function as a laptop holder.

Cooling box

Behind the console is a hidden compartment with an ice bucket where you can keep your beers or most preferably, a bottle of champagne.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a range of questions and answers about the Phantom and ours in particular.

What kind of engine is in your Rolls-Royce Ghost?

It’s a 12 cylinder engine with 563 brake horse power at 5250rpm and 780Nm at 1500rpm. It’s an 8 speed automatic variant. It’s a petrol engine with an 82 litre fuel tank.

What are the Dimensions of Rolls-Royce Ghost?

Here are the details to Rolls Royce Ghost’s dimension:

Width: 1948 mm

Height: 1550 mm

Length: 5399 mm

So slightly smaller than our Phantom.

What are the Dimensions of Rolls-Royce Ghost?

Rolls Royce Ghost’s top model has driver, passenger, side-front and side rear airbags.

What is Rolls Royce Ghost's seating capacity?

Rolls Royce Ghost has a seating capacity of 4.

What is Rolls Royce Ghost's boot space?

Rolls Royce Ghost’s boot space is 490-litres.

What is the ground clearance of Rolls Royce Ghost?

Rolls Royce Ghost garners a comfortable ground clearance of 208 millimetres (mm). With this figure, the vehicle can keep on running on rugged terrain despite bumps, mounds and other hurdles. Giving a perfectly smooth ride while you hold your champagne.

What are the colours options available in Rolls-Royce Phantom?

Ours is Iguazu-Blue but the Ghost is also available in 15 other colours. Namely White Sands, Smoky Quartz, Scala Red, Silver, Petra Gold, Bohemian Red, Black Diamond, Salamanca Blue, Midnight Sapphire, Jubilee Silver, English White, Darkest Tungsten, Dark Emerald, Arctic White, and Anthracite.

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