Planning a wedding in Newport

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Are you looking to tie the knot in Newport this new year? Planning your wedding, keeping the venues organised and keeping your family happy and safe amid a pandemic poses a real challenge for every couple during these uncertain times. Even if it involves high stress, emotional process, and unforeseeable circumstances, especially that you now have to follow health protocols, there’s always a way to get your wedding in Newport successful.

So to help you face it level-headed, we curated a planning guide for your Newport wedding and to give you insight onto what things to consider when planning your big day. And with this guide, we’ll also help you find some of the most beautiful venues in Newport and the right wedding theme and transportation for you and your other half for you to get everything set well before saying I do.

Planning a wedding in Newport
With so many details to look at and things to consider when planning your Newport wedding, you may find yourself sometimes at lost and not knowing where to start. But here are some planning tips that can give you ideas on how to organise every detail in your special day in a less stressful way.

Know the COVID-19 rules and restrictions in Newport
While weddings may be possible to hold a wedding amid the pandemic, it is crucial to know Newport’s safety protocols. As the threat of the new COVID-19 variant heightens and you may need to make necessary adjustments and take all reasonable measures to avoid spreading the virus on the premises.

Discuss your ideal wedding
It would help if you talked with your other half about your ideal wedding style to ensure that you’re on the same page and you’ll be able to set your vision and goals according to your liking.

Create a list of your wedding priorities
Whether it’s the venue, wedding vendors like photographers or live band, you should sit down with your partner too to discuss what’s your priority on the wedding day. This step can help you determine and prioritise the details and stay within your budget.

Set your budget and stick into it
Budgeting is the driving factor to your decisions, so it’s one of the first things to talk about with your other half and the family members that are going to contribute.
Tip: In some cases, unexpected costs can get in the way, so it would help if you can build a 10% “splurge cushion” budget.

Pick a potential wedding date
It’s also vital to pick the potential wedding date at the early stages since it can impact your venue and vendors’ choice. This can also help ensure your important guests can attend your big day.

Build your guest list
Creating a wish list of your guests and the approximate number is also necessary to help you decide on your venue.

Organise it and create a master checklist
You’ll need to write down your thought, budgets and numbers using checklists, spreadsheets, and word documents at this planning stage. It can help you to visualise your goals and become organised and stay on track.

Select a wedding theme
It will be easier to make design decisions if you’ve made up your mind regarding the theme of your Newport wedding.

Choose between off-site and on-site wedding
An off-site wedding is one where there is no commercial kitchen on the venue. Therefore, you’ll need to bring everything like food, and it’s common in parks, public beach or even open field. In contrast, an on-site wedding is more suitable for hotels or restaurants where everything is made simple since space, chairs, and tables are provided, and a wedding coordinator can assist you.

Look for a potential wedding venue and ceremony locations
Newport has a range of fantastic wedding venues to offer but doing a bit of research about their prices, packages and restrictions and seeking different options can help you find the right space where you can hold your big day.

Book the wedding vendors
It’s essential to consider several options before choosing and booking a wedding vendor you’d like to work with if you want someone who understands your vision and goals and can work within your budget. It will also help if you vibe with them well because it can make everything run smoothly.

So those are some of the planning tips that can guide you in preparation for your big day. But if you want to dig more about the venues, wedding theme ideas, transport options and some businesses in Newport that can help you on your special day, join us as we unveil

The Newport wedding venues
Since Newport is located near the city of Cardiff, the venues here are easily accessible. If you’re planning to spend your honeymoon in London or Bristol, it offers excellent travel links and options, making it even more ideal. And whether you’re planning the biggest, most luxurious post-pandemic wedding event or a simple yet special celebration of love, Newport can offer a diverse range of wedding venues that would fit any couple’s tastes and requirements. There’s always a venue that will capture your heart from modern and beautiful outdoor pavilions to hotels and Masonic halls. Here are some of the most appealing and picture-perfect venues in Newport that you might love.

Celtic Manor Resort
Can you see yourself getting married in a luxury hotel at the heart of the countryside? Then this resort that offers a stunning venue and incredible scenery for photos is ideal for you. It can accommodate 50 guests or more, and you can tailor the services to your needs to make it more personal and the transaction smooth. Located at Coldra Woods, The Usk Valley in Newport, this space will spoil you with great food, spa on-site, spacious outdoor reception space, and landscaped gardens that will take your breath away.

Newport Masonic Hall
This Grade II listed building in a Regency style would suit the most those who wish to get married in a magical venue with a traditional touch. It can accommodate up to 150 people, and it’s ‘exclusively yours’ which means that you can make everything personalise. The prices start at £8 per head if you’d choose an in-house catering while hiring the venue would cost you £100 or more, but the experience would be guaranteed memorable.

Lysaght Institute
If you and your partner opt for a historical place for your traditional wedding style, then you’ll likely fall in love with this wedding venue. It features a ballroom with large balconies and a view of the picturesque landscaped gardens. Its classic 1920’s Art Deco interior makes a romantic backdrop for your wedding. Located at Orb Drive, Newport, this place offers quality service and a venue like no other.

Malpas Court
This mansion with Tudor style mansion offers picturesque views of rolling hills. It is located at Oliphant Circle in Newport and has a dining capacity of 29 and would make an excellent venue for your wedding celebrations.

The West Usk Lighthouse
If you’re looking to hold a small, intimate wedding in a beautiful lighthouse overlooking Severn and Usk, then you’d find West Usk lighthouse the ideal venue for your big day. This unique, cosy and quintessential space will make your wedding even more special with its beautiful sunset and ecstatic natural scenery. With a dining capacity of 12 people and reception capacity of 60, 3 bedrooms, spa on-site, and beautiful outdoor reception space, this Grade I/II listed building is everything you need for your simple but memorable day.

There are plenty more venues in the heart of Newport and the surrounding areas like the Glen Yr Afon House Hotel; a charming mansion with beautiful views across the River Usk and the Ramada Cwrt Bleddyn Hotel & Spa. They are both situated in Usk, and they provide an eye-pleasing backdrop for your dream countryside wedding. If you wouldn’t mind travelling over 10 miles away from Newport or more for your big day, you can also check out other venues located at Cardiff such as the grand National Museum Cardiff, Cardiff City Hall, and Cardiff Castle.

Newport wedding theme ideas
Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of wedding planning is choosing the wedding theme because it will set your special day’s mood. You will have to think about it carefully and reflect on your personality and your other half’s. After careful consideration and brainstorming and getting into a decision, everything else will follow and decorating the venue will become easier.

Factors to consider when choosing a theme:
When selecting the best wedding theme for your special day, consider these factors so you can prepare for it without any difficulty:

  1. The wedding venue
    Your venue must complement your theme, so it is imperative to check and explore the place and pay attention to its details, such as ambience and ornaments when choosing the area’s suitable theme. For example, you can opt for a luxury wedding if the venue is wide enough or vintage designs if you chose a modest one.
  2. The season
    This is another crucial factor because each season has its unique ambience, colour, charm and characteristic. So, choosing seasonal wedding themes is less stressful and easy to carry out. The sample themes below are the popular choice according to each season, but you can create a theme unique to you depending on your taste, culture and personality.
    white indoor wedding on winter
    a botanical theme for a lush spring wedding
    a colourful theme for summer outdoor wedding
    orange and red for an outdoor wedding on fall
  3. Your budget
    Sticking to your budget is a must if you want to live a happy and debt-free marriage, so you need to be realistic in planning. For example, if you’re on a tight budget, you can hold an uncostly wedding using vintage items and decors from second-hand stores.

List of wedding themes you can choose from:

There are so many trendy wedding themes that will suit your bridal style in your Newport wedding. But if you want some inspiration for your big day, here’s a list of different themes that you can choose from:
Boho and nature
If your choice is a boho wedding in a stunning outdoor venue, add some details using leaves, vines, petals and flowers. But this theme can go well in indoor spaces too, add some candlelight to make it look less rustic, and you’re good to go.

This wedding theme usually held in gardens, barns, farms or countryside provides a relaxing vibe on your wedding. The trick to making a rustic wedding spectacular is to accentuate it with the beauty of nature and use natural elements like woods, flowers, and burlap in decorating the venue.

As you mark a new beginning with the love of your life, spring wedding is the way to go if you love the blooming season. The key to embracing this season is to pick pastel colours and add some natural and floral accent on your decor choices to make the venue look lush and lavish.

It’s worth noting that you would have to deal with high temperature if you choose an outdoor wedding in the summer. You need to use greenery and seasonal flowers like tulips, dahlia and lilies that will stay fresh all day and offer plenty of drinks to your guests to keep them hydrated, but if you’re all in for it, it would be worth it.

This theme is appealing to many couples nowadays. The trick to adding a hint of modernity in your wedding is to choose a space with white walls because it will serve as a neutral base and hang some geometric decors and combine it with metallics and some floral arrangement on the table. You can freely combine classic and modern furniture, so the choice is up to you.

Romantic Pink
Blush pink is a romantic and elegant theme that can stand out in Newport’s outdoor space and luxury hotels. By decorating the venue with sheer pink fabric, and using crystal utensils and hang suspended flowers for the table, you can transform the venue into a dreamy space.

If you have several wedding theme ideas that you could choose from, your transportation from your home or accommodation to the ceremony venue and reception area is the next thing to consider.

Newport wedding car hire
When considering the right mode of transport that will take you and your new spouse to the reception area and hotel or home, it would be best to complement it with your wedding theme. And if your venue is in a remote location in Newport or has guests from out of town, it would be so thoughtful of you to book transportation to bring them to the venue. Cheringham Cars, provide a fleet of wedding vehicles with a personalised touch for brides and grooms in Newport to help make the journey on the big day easier and memorable.
Depending on your wedding theme, whether you’re up for a vintage theme or a modern luxurious one, there’s always a vehicle that can match your taste and preferences. Listed below are some of the most in-demand wedding cars

Modern luxury cars options

Rolls-Royce Phantom & Ghost
These picture-perfect Rolls Royce cars offer premium luxury seating. They are exceptional in performance and second to none in style because they are built according to Cheringham Car’s specifications.

Range Rover Vogue
Although this vehicle may appear muscular on the outside, it’s also excellent option brides and bridesmaids because of its spacious design and comfortable seating. This feature-rich SUV in white finish offers a fantastic ride on your big day without breaking the bank.

Tesla Model S
If you prefer minimalism and elegance, Tesla Model S might be the one for you. It oozes with some high-tech features blended with luxury, and the white ivory finish undoubtedly looks good on photos.

Nissan GTR
This supercar is every guy’s dream that combines excellent performance and aesthetics. With its comfortable and luxurious design that oozes carbon, travelling to your wedding destination would be smooth and hassle-free.

Vintage cars options
Gemima The Branwith
The Branwith exudes with an old-world charm and is ideal for brides and grooms and bridesmaids. With a seating capacity of 6 people, this vehicle can take you to your destination with no fuss.

Chevrolet Bel Air
This iconic Chevy Bel Air was fully-restored to give you a unique transport with a fiery twist on your wedding day. If you’re up for a vintage-themed wedding, this could be a great choice for you.

The Viscounts
Cheringham’s Flora and Genevieve the Viscount comes with a Rolls-Royce Jubilee silver finish to match the Phantom, and this pairing can be a unique way of arriving on your venue along with your entourage.

This Ibis white Cadillac has so much to offer despite its 60 years lifespan. It’s an ideal choice for those who love a minimalistic design with a classic twist.

Best businesses for Newport weddings
If you’ve set up everything from planning to selecting the wedding theme, and wedding car, you are one step closer to making your big day a success. But you’ll still need assistance from other wedding vendors or businesses to get a specific job done for you. So let’s discuss what businesses can help you on your big day and share of with you some of the most popular choices of couples who had their wedlock in Newport.
Wedding caterer
One of the easiest ways to reduce the stress you’re bearing during your big day is by hiring a caterer. They will provide mouth-watering foods that can satisfy you and your guests, set up the tables and chairs, serve the food on time, clean up the kitchen and dining, and organise all in an organised manner. Newport based caterers like The Parsnip Mash, The Welshman’s Luch, Top Knosh and Green Apple catering are some of the most loved wedding caterers that offer excellent service and delicious foods.

Wedding Florist
Most couples are ready to spend a lot on their bouquets, buttonholes, floral decors and arches for the wedding and if you want to make your venue look gorgeous on photos, getting expert florists would be helpful for you. Some of the most renowned florists in Newport worth trusting for are The Ivy Florist, Davies Florist, Charles Barnett, Monique Flowers & Gifts.

Wedding Photographer
It’s safe to say that everyone wants a beautiful record of their special day, that’s why many couples are determined to hire a photographer and not cut the cost for it. Premiere, Nick Fowler and Kathleen Tuzyk Photography are some of the most talented photographers, and their teams provide high-quality photos that are priceless and invaluable for couples.

Hairdresser/ makeup artist
Most brides want to get their hair and makeup down by professionals, and some even pay to doll up their bridesmaid and other parts of the entourage. If you need one, you might find it helpful to ask for experts help from Beauty in Wonderland, Beth Price and Sara Szpak Make-up Artists to achieve your desired glow up on your wedding.

Wedding planner/ designer
The key to making a wedding day less stressful is to hire a planner who will manage and weave all the plans and guide you from the start until the big day itself. If you want an award-winning wedding planning company, Forever Bows is a good choice. But the Seven Events and Weddings by Rachel can also do a good job taking the burden off of you and managing every detail in your most memorable moment.

If you’ve read this far, you’d surely realise by now that wedding preparations need so much work to do and can sometimes even become nerve-wracking. But by coming to the right people, that offers a helping hand and getting advice from other married couples, you’d be able to handle it lightly. It would also help if you will take a break and spend some time with your significant other to rest and learn more about each other before starting a new chapter in your lives. With positivity and knowledge of who to work with on your big day, we know you can make it happen despite the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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