What Makes Cars Collectable?

Mercedes 300SL 1955300SL Gullwing (1955)

The world of collectable cars is growing day by day, as the automobile industry gets more and more innovative. In an expanding market this means that it can be increasingly hard to identify what exactly makes a car a collectable. 

Different to other collectables and antique items, a collectable car is not defined by its age. Rather collectable cars can be cars with historical importance, cars that pioneered new technology or raised the standard of consumer expectation. In this post we’ll run through the basics of what makes a car a collectable and help you along your journey of finding your dream collectable motor. 

What Makes A Car A Collectable? 

When it comes to cars, any car is potentially a collectible. You can try to guess what the next collectible car will be but ultimately outside forces will always control what’s in demand. Such excitement fills the world of the car collector. 

Let’s take you on an example… In the 1970’s the Cadillac Eldorado Convertible became a potential collectible over night. Car enthusiasts feared it would be the last convertible ever made due to a proposition of tougher government regulations. People snapped up the Eldorado’s with visions of  riches coming their way. Before anyone saw a return on their investment the tougher government regulations fleeted away as quickly as the appeared. Leaving what were momentarily exclusive collectables as ordinary used cars. 

We live in a golden automotive ages where cars are continuously being built with new and improved technologies and alternative fuel sources. Although, we cannot predict which vehicle is going to be the next big collectible, there are a few features to look out for: 

  • Historical Importance 
  • Rarity 
  • Age 
  • Technology 
  • Body Style & Flare 

Cars with Historical Importance

Over the years there have been cars that revolutionised the way we travel. Whether that’s cars that have new self-parking technology, cars that could tour up rugged terrain, cars known for their reliability and those admired for their sheer speed and beauty. 

There isn’t a one size fits all approach! Some of the cars that have been labelled with historical importance include: 

Ford Model T 

  • The assembly line the model T was built on was a game-changer in America. It meant that not only was the Model T affordable but its smooth production and cheaper cost allowed for the car to be produced at a much greater rate than ever before. Making it the first every day mans car. 

Toyota Prius 

  • Not known for its beauty, the Toyota Prius is particularly uninspiring to the average collector. However, the Prius has pioneered and dominated a trend of economy cars that were a perfect fit for the every day commuter. 

Bugatti Veyron 

  • This statement vehicle broke the history books. Newtons third law of Physics was something that understandably regulated the world of cars. However, when the Veyron came along it showed that a car without compromise was possible. Hitting speeds of up to 270mph while all other elements of the car worked together in perfect harmony, the Bugatti Veyron demonstrated to the world that the impossible was possible

Volkswagen Beetle 

  • Known for being Europe’s people’s car, the Beetle was part of Adolf Hitler’s to get German families motoring. This meant that the car was practical for a family, affordable for the masses and… looked like a beetle. The recipe for the Beetle turned out to be a ground breaking formula, not only did the Beetle sell to the masses throughout Europe and beyond, but also remained in production for 65 years from 1938-2003. 

Cars Pioneering New Technology

Tesla speed and driving scenery

Tesla – The Tesla firm took the world of automobiles by storm as they started producing sleek, modern, electric cars. In 2020, boss Elon Musk stated that the firm is working on a new generation of EV battery that can provide five times more energy and cost half as much as existing technology. The new battery system vehicles are set to be on the streets in 2022 with a new, more affordable, price of $25,000. 

Toyota – The Toyota Prius was the first hybrid car of its time. When most car manufacturers were focused on developing cars with bigger engines and greater horsepower, Toyota were curating the first hybrid vehicle. The Prius was first launched in Japan in 1997 and was the 

Cadillac – When it comes to comfort, American manufacturers are often the first to offer innovations in this field. In 1964, the Cadillac DeVille Sedan was the first vehicle to offer climate control, an innovation that has gone onto be a standard operating procedure in all vehicles. 

Cars That Raised Consumer Expectations

Cars that raise consumer expectation often become collectibles due to the positive impact they had on consumers at a particular point in time. A positive impact could be due to an increased level of comfort, improved engine speed and even beauty. Cars that raised consumer expectation include but are not limited to: 

  • Porsche 911
  • Ford Model T
  • Ferrari 250 GTO

As you can probably guess by now there is no predicting what car is going to be the next big collectible. For a car manufacturer there is no guarantee of what the consumer will love next, it could be practicality, it could be self-drive technology, it could be only cars manufactured in the 70’s. But that’s we love about the world of cars. Each vehicle is loved for a different purpose; whether classic or modern, sleek or made to look like a bug. 

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