Tesla Model S

Zero Emissions

Tesla Model S

The all-electric Tesla; the latest addition to our fleet with supercar-like performance blended with luxury and high-tech features might be the car you’ve been looking for. Whether you need a vehicle to take your wedding or a business meeting, Tesla Model S has what it takes to impress the crowd and stand out.

Our chauffeur-driven Tesla Model S is purchased new to our specification. With its classy white ivory leather finish and minimalistic yet futuristic interior design, everyone will be in awe in your grand entrance. This model has three comfy seats in the rear and can carry up to 5 adults. It screams elegance and style! And wherever your destination is, you can surely enjoy every moment without a bit of a worry for your safety since our cars are fully insured, and our chauffeurs are licensed professionals.

Perfect for any occasion:


Make your wedding entrance grand and striking with a with the latest Tesla Model S powered by an all-electric powertrain in ivory white colour, perfect for gracing you with elegance and perfection on your big day.

Corporate events

Whether you are attending a party with your workmates or any corporate event, a Tesla Model S will not disappoint you when it comes to superb design topped with great features.

Why Choose Tesla S from Cheringham Cars?

The Rolls Royce Phantom is for that very special occasion when only the best will do and personally – we think it is the very best! Here’s a preview on why it is a must-have on your wedding day!

Classy White Colour

If you’re up for a dreamy white car that matches the classic white wedding dress of your dreams, this luxurious car can be everything you need.

Premium Features

Tesla Model S has a superb interior and exterior design with up-to-the-minute features that guarantees a safe drive and efficiency and unique experience.

Professional Chauffeur

On top of the security features of Tesla Model S, is driven by professional and well-trained chauffeurs so we can guarantee your safety on board.

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Tesla Model S Information

Here's some of the design and technical info about this car thats made a big impact.


Built Around the Driver

Tesla Model S can accommodate five adults and provides an expansive 17-inch touchscreen for infotainment plus best class storage. It has advanced noise engineering that produces sound dynamics like that of a recording studio, and the standard Glass Roof provides a minimalist, spacious interior experience for every passenger, bride or groom. 

Designed for Efficiency

Model S boasts incredible aerodynamics, ludicrous performance and uncompromised aesthetics. It’s equipped with an automatic door handles that can auto-present upon approach and withdraw when closed.

Roof Rack Compatible

With its standard and expansive Glass Roof, you can get more headroom and UV protection.


Battery: Long Range
Acceleration: 2.3 seconds 0-60 mph
Range: 367 miles (WLTP)
Drive: All-Wheel Drive
Seating: 5 Adults
Wheels: 19” or 21”
Weight: 2,316 kg
Cargo: 804 litres
Displays: Driver Display + 17” Touchscreen


High Impact Protection

Model S is built as an electric vehicle, with extremely tough architecture plus a floor-mounted battery pack allowing to provide high impact protection.

360 degree Camera

It features a rear, side and forward-facing cameras that offers maximum visibility.


Additionally, it has a forward-facing radar that can provide a long-range view of distant objects.

12 Ultrasonic Sensors

The sensors can detect nearby cars to prevent potential collisions and helps in parking quickly.


It has a unique futuristic advanced safety and convenience features designed to help and assist you with the most challenging parts of driving. 

17inch touchscreen display

The clear, upgradable and super responsive touchscreen display lets you control almost all functions of Model S. 

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