Gemima The Bramwith Landaulette

Gemima - our custom built

Bramwith Landaulette

This beautiful and custom built new car is our Bramwith Landaulette which has been painstakingly built to satisfy the most demanding of weddings. With its spectacular design it becomes the ideal mode of transport for either the bride or groom on the special day. 

Finished in a stunning pure white complimented with sapphire grey running boards and roof. This is the only Bramwith with a grey matching Mohair rear roof. 

vintage viscount car from behind

Why Gemima?



This beautiful custom built vehicle will allow you to add a touch of vintage style to your big day. Seating six this car can transport you to and from your wedding destination in style.

Custom built with care

This car was built with the finest quality and craftsmanship, built to perfection, it is simply a step back in time from the moment you enter. 

Gemima’s bespoke features include the following:


A Perfect Car For Your Perfect Day

Having the perfect car to transport you on your special day is what we pride ourselves in providing. 

The Gemima Branwith  Laudellete is a perfect option for those wanting that stunning fairy-tale wedding. 

Bramwith Landaulette


We offer a fantastic experience, once that you’ll likely not forget. Fitted with a custom-built champagne holder to celebrate that special day. What better way to travel than with the Laudellete roof lowered, and a glass of champagne in your hand to toast your day


Our services are guaranteed premium and recognised by several organisations for being one of the best in South Wales. Our wedding cars are of superb quality and come with a load of safety features to keep you safe and convenient.


We are proud to have a superb team of chauffeurs who will tailor to your needs to ensure your day is perfect for you. Our drivers can personalise a preferred route for your preference and are always ready to take you to your destination, wherever it may be.

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A Day To Remember

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Our highly skilled chauffeur will be waiting to kick start your day by arriving in style with this beautiful car, we offer a flexible service and are more than happy to follow any given route you wish to take. We are here to help you begin the perfect way to kick off your marriage!

Passengers can then settle in with deep pile lambswool carpets, and open the centre armrest to control all major components and climate control.


*Please be advised that due to huge insurance premiums we have to charge a minimum fee to cover running costs which is £350.00.

Our main wedding car hire locations include Cardiff, Bristol, and Swansea, however we do still provide quotations for other locations. This really is the ultimate car for the bride and groom on that very special day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a range of questions and answers about the Phantom and ours in particular.

A Bit about the Bramwith...

With its Cream leather upholstery and mass amount of spacious legroom, there’s plenty of reasons to pick this incredible vintage treasure for your special day. The Bramwith also flaunts its own convertible roof and chrome spoked wheels. 

What are the variants of the Bramwith?

There are two variants of this luxury vehicle, the black and the ivory white. But both variants are extremely rare, especially within Wales. Thats is why we pride ourselves on having such a vintage masterpiece within our fleet. 

What is the Bramwiths seating capacity?

Our Bramwith can accommodate up to 7 people, making it ideal for the bride, groom and bridesmaids or groomsmen, or others that are a close part of the your wedding. 

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